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iNew i7000 Soon be listed

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Sep 09, 2013 20:30 
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iNew i7000 Soon be listed A time when gold 9 silver 10 September, the major manufacturers have exhibited their own housekeeping products, so far the iNew i7000 highest specifications inew inew phones i7000 series of several new machines gradually approaching, new products have been released official information sufficient to prove it. i7000 2 generations with a generation of the same, although the appearance of the same, but it will also launch three standard versions, namely telecommunications version inew iNew M2 i7000 Mobile and China Unicom version of the U980. Supports China Mobile TD-SCDMA network will be the first listed inew i7000, this version will be equipped with 5.5 inches IPS big screen, with 1280 * 720 resolution. Select 1.5GHz processor main frequency of MTK MT6589T, built-in 1G RAM +8 G ROM memory, the former 2000000 / rear 8MP camera, 2500 mAh Battery, after custom Android 4.2 system, the machine size is 155.25 * 76.7 * 9.3 mm. iNew M1 inew i7000 will also have the box functionality to support multi-screen interaction.

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