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New Location, Better Service
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Group type: Public group (Help)
Founded: 25 March, 2011
Location: Philippines,
Members: 0
Group title: Syntactics Move to New Office to Better Serve Clients

I was looking for the old office of Syntactics Inc. to get thorough internet marketing for my business through search engine optimization and other SEO Philippines techniques. After learning that they had moved to their new office at the 3rd floor of the Egmedio building on Corrales Avenue corner Domingo Velez Street, Cagayan de Oro City, I visited their new office. I was quite impressed with the bigger space. They told me the move was in anticipation of all the department’s eventual expansion to give better services for SEO Philippines, web development and even applications development. I was really impressed. But I was even more impressed with their improved IT solutions. Give them a call at (63)88-856-2242 or click on http://www.syntacticsinc.com/

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