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Sleep Apnea Test
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Group type: Public group (Help)
Founded: 10 May, 2011
Location: United States,
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Group title: Sleep Apnea Test for Home Use

I am greatly satisfied with the use of the Nasivent Home Apnea Test. Through it, I was able to undergo a sleep apnea test in the comfort of my own home. It is very light and is very simple to operate. After using the sleep apnea test kit once, I have confirmed that I am having a mild case of sleep apnea. Actually, my wife suspected that I may be suffering from sleep apnea because I was always snoring, which is one of sleep apnea symptoms. That is why I am already going to my doctor for treatment a couple of days from now. You can also try the sleep apnea test too! Just contact StopSnoringNowShop at (1)208-726-6858 or log on to http://www.stopsnoringnowshop.com/  

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