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AT&T Dialup Internet Service
01-17-09 15:01

Log on from any web-enabled computer, any time, for as long as you want with Unlimited nationwide access.
Personalize your homepage.
Enhanced email with virtually unlimited storage space.
Firewall software protects against hackers.

Get ready to do more, see more, and enjoy more!

AT&T Dial Internet Service combines the most powerful features of Yahoo! with the extremely reliable Internet connection of AT&T Internet Services.


Start your new AT&T Dial Internet experience and enjoy:

Customized browser with easy navigation and built-in instant messaging
Virtually unlimited email storage for all your messages, photos, documents and more.


Parental Controls to help you exercise control over the content your children can view on the Internet


All this and more for one low price of $10.00 per month



Contact  mr-fixer@sbcglobal.net  for more information

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#1 in Web Hosting

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